16 September 2022

Nissei Grant proposal accepted

A grant proposal was accepted! This is a one-year grant for young researchers working on environmental sceince by Nippon Life Insurance Foundation. I’ll work on SOC stabilization mechanisms in mangrove soils on Ishigaki Island.

25 May 2022

New instrument

Muffle furnace (YAMATO FO310)
The old muffle furnace was replaced with an almost brand-new furnace, thanks to a kind present from a colleague! The overall size is much smaller but equipped with a larger inner capacity. Yeah!

1 April 2022

KobeU New members

Ayuri, Maho, and Kota have all went onto the master course and they will continue working as group members. In addition, we welcomed Yuki Konishi as a new B4 student! He will expand Ayuri’s undergrad study downward, i.e., below A horizons.

1 March 2022

JSPS Grant proposal accepted

A grant proposal was accepted! “Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (B)” of JSPS. I, as a sole PI, will work on the mechanisms underlying persistence of dissolved organic matter in Lake Biwa, the largest lake in Japan, together with Yasuhiko Yamaguchi (Organic Geochemist) and Yusuke Okazaki (Microbiologist) for the fiscal years 2022-2025.
I also participate in another newly-funded program led by Yasuro Fuse on the influence of anoxia on the elution of disolved organic matter from Lake Biwa sediment (2022-2025).
FT-ICR-MS and NMR will be major instruments used in these projects.

8 October 2021

JSPS Grant proposal accepted

A grant proposal was accepted! “Fund for the Promotion of Joint International Research (B)” of JSPS. I join as an early career researcher who plays a core role in this type of funding. As a team, we will study a chronosequence of planted mangrove forests in Bangkok, Thailand for the next five years, in collaboration with Thai researchers, among them is Sasitorn Poungparn from Chulalongkorn University.

16 August 2021

New publication

Collaborative work on Trat mangrove SOC with Thai researchers was accepted!
“Organic carbon stock and composition in 3.5-m core mangrove soils (Trat, Thailand)”
Published in Science of the Total Environment. This is the final publication from my doctoral research (finally).

11 August 2021

JSTJICA New project

I joined a JST/JICA-funded Blue CARES project as a member of Geochemistry group to help analyze molecular composition of sedimentary organic matter of mangroves in the Philippines. Collaboration with Toshihiro Miyajima and Raghab Ray from Marine Biogeochemistry Group, AORI, the University of Tokyo.

19 July 2021

KobeU New projects

I started collaborative reseach with Kenji Suetsugu, Department of Biology, and Wakana Azuma, Laboratory of forest resources, both Kobe University, to study influence of soil properties on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi-mycoheterotroph associations (Dr. Suetsugu) and influnce of canopy soil properties on canopy plants on Yakushima cedar (Cryptomeria japonica) (Dr. Azuma).

9 July 2021

New publication

Our first paper from the lab is out!
“Dissolved Organic Matter Processing in Pristine Antarctic Streams”
published in Environmental Science & Technology.

30 June 2021

New instrument

Fluorometer (Hitachi F-7100)
This instrument will be used for fluorescence analysis of water/soil/sediment samples. We chose F-7100 because of its high sensitivity, throughput, and S/N ratio for its price.

21 June 2021

New instrument

Ultrasonic homogenizer (Branson SONIFIER SFX250)
This instrument will be used for density fractionation of soils as well as general analysis of soil texture.

15 April 2021

KobeU New members

Ayuri Ohira, Maho Oshimoda, and Kota Hamada as B4 students joined our group! They will study soil organic matter in diverse Japanese soils and mangrove forests. Maho will work on FT-ICR-MS in collaboration with Institute for Chemical Research at Kyoto University.

22 March 2021

The dawn of the Kida group in the Soil Science Laboratory

On 1 Feb 2021, I started a new position at Graduate School of Agricultural Science of Kobe University in Japan as a tenure-track assistant professor of soil science laboratory! Before coming here, I spent two fruitful years at Thorsten Dittmar’s ICBM-MPI Bridging Group for Marine Geochemistry, University of Oldenburg in Germany, with excellent folks.
Future updates will be posted on this page.