Graduate students

Graduate students (Master and PhD) can be admitted through MA and PhD programs of the Graduate School of Agricultural Science. Application guidelines can be found here.
There are a number of governmental and private scholarships available. This pdf is a comprehensive summary of scholarship for international students (incl. master and Ph.D.) in Japan for the fiscal year 2022-2023. You may also want to see this summary of scholarship by Kobe University. Please note, however, that most of the scholarships are available only after coming to Japan. MEXT Scholarship is one of few exceptions, but very competitive and requires lots of documents preparation. In addition, to issue visa, you’re required to prove that you secure enough monthly income for the entire duration of your stay. This corresponds to at least 120k yen per month including housing. PhD students from the Europe or North America can apply to Summer Program, Strategic Program, or Short-term Program of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) to conduct joint research activities at our laboratory.

Postdoctoral fellows

Our team is always welcoming talented, young researchers from the world!

Prospective Postdoctoral fellows are highly encouraged to apply to funding programs. The most common and popular Japanese governmental fellowship is JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan.
Among several programs within this fellowship, Standard Program is the best for postdoctoral researchers (duration: 12 to 24 months), while other shorter-term programs are also available to those from the US, Canada, and European countries. Researchers from some countries (currently only Switzerland) can additionally apply to Strategic Program in cooperation with the respective Nominating Authority. The application deadline is usually the first week of August or April every year and you’d get the result in about four months. Please note that, candidates must have obtained their doctoral degree within six years of the date the fellowship goes into effect.

Senior researchers

If you obtained your Ph.D. degree more than six years ago, there is still a program that enables you to visit our lab with funding. Invitational Fellowships for Research in Japan is just that. This JSPS program provides overseas researchers with an opportunity to conduct collaborative research for a duration of 2-10 months (for long-term) or 14-60 days (for short-term). The applicaiton deadline is usually the first week of August for the long-term stay and August or April for the short-term stay, and you’d get the result in about four months.

Interested applicants should contact Dr. Morimaru Kida for more information (click the icons below).