Welcome! Kida Group in the Soil Science Laboratory at Kobe University is a brand new working group beginning in February 2021! We co-organize the Soil Science Laboratory together with Prof. Nobuhide Fujitake and Asst. Prof. Takeshi Suzuki (Yes, this is how most labs in Japanese old universities are ran), so a wealth of laboratory infrastructure is already available.

Research in my group is focused on studying organic carbon cycling in both soil and water environments. Natural organic matter such as dissolved organic matter (DOM) and soil organic matter (SOM) is a complex mixture of at least tens of thousands of different organic molecules derived from a range of sources. The historical accumulation of these molecules has eventually resulted in the largest organic carbon reservoirs on Earth - as SOM in soil and DOM in the ocean. In order to understand how natural organic matter is generated and decomposed and what could be a consequence of such biogeochemical reactions, we apply a range of analytical tools and multivariate statistics.

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